First Day – 19th February 2014

The Plan?

Initially  I just wanted to note down the movies I went to see during my membership. Just to keep track.   However I then added the times, and the locations, and my note about my experience .  I even sometimes review the film.  
Day 1?
Purchased the Cineworld Unlimited Movie pass on the 19th February 2014.
Paid upfront for all 12 months.
Used a Referral code from twitter to get an extra month free.
Planned to see a movie that day but didn’t. Went out with friend who didn’t want to watch a film with me even when it was free for both of us. Didn’t feel up to watching a film after.

I had one of these around 2009 but I saw so many movies I got sick of going to the cinema.
However got the itch to get one again. I thought I might wait till 2015 when all the big movies come out.
It was not logical to get it in December 2013 or Jan 2014 because when I counted all the films I wanted to watch it didn’t add up to 24.
19-24  is the amount of films I need to watch in a year to make it worth getting a pass. However now it all adds up now and I will also get the 13th month free.

What is the Cineworld Unlimted pass? (from Website) 

You can use your card to watch films at Cineworld Cinemas as often as you like.
Unlimited cardholders get 10% off all in-cinema food and drink purchases at all times*.
Invitations to Cineworld Exclusive advance screenings.

 Free for you and me

If you’re interested in signing up for an Unlimited Card, enter the following referral code to get an extra month free for both me and you: RAF-27WU-87EC-99JY-87YK 


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