11. Noah

Thursday 10th April 2014 – 11:00am – O2 – Screen 6

Off work today so went to see “Noah” at the 11am showing. (I in fact left home at around 11. As always there is at least 30 mins in Ads and trailers.)
There was really cool and beautiful images. I loved that it really was about Noah.
I was really interested in who the story was going to be told and how it was going to end, I though may like Man of Steel or similar that Noah was going to be “Realistic” and take the magic out of it.

I like that they touched upon the fact that all people have bad in them as well as good.
I heard there was an environmental message and they were right.
I love the concepts of the Angels/Watchers. I love the realisation of seeing the wings in the rock creatures..
And oh Noah’s dad looked so like Russell. I thought it was him

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