23 X-Men : Days of Future Past again! (wot 3d!)

Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014 – 17:50 – O2 – Superscreen

Tried to book online again but couldn’t.
I bought a Cineworld pass for my mum. Seemed like the perfect time since you can get 3 month extra free plus I get a month free too.

I went with my mum. We meant to the earlier 2D screening but it was sold out. I try to never watch in 3D . We went to see it anyway but didn’t not bring my own glasses so bought some.
3D is still pointless to me.

X-,Men was still brilliant the second time round! Wow!
I was not fatigued when I watched it again. (even with 3D) . Defo don’t mind watching it again with my friend on Wednesday,

Oh in the screening the sound seemed to echo slightly.

If you’re interested in signing up for an Unlimited Card, enter the following referral code to get an extra month free for both me and you: RAF-27WU-87EC-99JY-87YK


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