24 Maleficent

Wednesday 28th May 2014 – 10:15 – Screen 3 – The O2

Loved Angelina , even liked Aurora. There were some reviewers going “well the 3 fairies were made for children.” Well they were made to be like the cartoon which was (generally speaking) for children.

This is not Snow White and the Huntsman this is Disney in they way you would imagine that word meant before Marvel and The Princess and the Frog.

The first part was seemed like just set up. This happened then this happened then this. It was like bullet points before the story actually got started.

It’s funny I have been watching so many movies that feel so long that it feels strange that I wanted Maleficent to be longer when I had been so desperate for a shorter film. I wanted more depth and more situations, more Angelina.
I watch OUAT so I was kind use to this kind of take on Fairy Tales so this wasn’t as groundbreaking at it could have been.

Contradicting myself now, the film has darker themes. Basically there is a scene (SPOLIERS) where the main star is violated in her Sleep. She is not Aurora but what I think is the REAL Sleeping Beauty – The tragedy version . This is a Rape Revenge film for children. Men are shit and we don’t need them kind of film.
The criticism with Aurora is that all she does is smile, For some reason I had no problem with that , she was a whole lot more engaging than the cartoon.

Reviews always have a problem with shifts in tone I always love that.
People had a problem with how it looked/CGI. I am the person that would normally hate that. I didn’t have a problem. I didn’t even think about it.

Will go watch it again soon.

On side note my sister (13) watched this and she was bored at the first part of the film.

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