Bonus : Star Trek & Star Trek into Darkness – Royal Albert Hall

Thursday 29th May  – 19:30  Star Trek –  Door 1 Arena  Row 13 Seat 13
Friday 30th May  – 19:30 – Star Trek Into Darkness –  Door 11 Arena – Row 16 seat 24

This idea of this blog was to document/list the movies I see using my pass. I was not sure if I wanted to add this to the blog.
However this was an experience was linked to they Cineworld experience. Back in 2009 when I had my unlim pass was also when the “first” Star Trek movie came out.

I lost count the amount of times I had see that movie in theaters I loved it . It was so much fun and I do not like the original Star Trek but it made me look back at the original series.

I have seen the movie so many times I got to know the music well and listen to the soundtrack to this day. So when I heard that Star Trek into Darkness was going to be shown at the Royal Albert Hall and accompanied by a live orchestra I bought those tickets as as soon as I found out. That was months ago. Was a little sad that they had not chosen to do this for Star Trek 209.

A day before the 30th May I went on the website to confirm my ticket info I then found out that they WERE doing a show for Star Trek. I wanted it! ….. but I was also hesitant.

I was hesitant because the idea of traveling to the Royal Albert was enough to not make me go. I had to go it would be silly if I didn’t when I had  wanted this originally.
 I handed over my £50 for the ticket (online) and was the Royal Albert the very same day. Funny how that works out.

Simon Pegg was there for the first night , he did an intro plus JJ Abrams ran over from shooting Star Wars to be there to introduce it.
Michael Giacchino the composer was there for both night (he might have been there for all showings) . He was great. He played his new piece from the ” Dawn of the planet of the apes” on both nights. It sound a lot like him.

My colleague who was going on a different night was worried that they would just play the music and no dialogue. I had no worries like that. The film has all it’s dialogue and sound effects but they also had subtitles because the music can be so loud it would over power the people speaking. It was Logical for them to do this.

It was great night. I had not seen 1 and to 2 Back to back like this so I think I appreciated Star Trek Into Darkness more that I had previously.
If I could choose again  I might liked to have been higher up so I could see the orchestra more. 

It was fun watching this again in this way. The audience was Engaged . They laughed along with all the jokes it was like watching a movie on it’s first night where no one had seen the movie before.

It was a good two nights.

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