33 Belle

Friday 20 June 2014 17:15 – West India Quay


This is the first movie I had seen that had with “allocated seating” . I was one of the people who was looking forward to it. I didn’t see anything bad about it until people started writing about their concerns. I still though that it would be okay…

Well it wasn’t .I tried to book tickets online for me and another Cineworld user. I was worried that she would arrive late but I was scared that if we booked separately we would not sit together. I also feared that I would have to collect both tickets but then have to leave the screening to give her the ticket.

Anyway the website was playing up so I had to book at the counter.

My companion was running late and I was worried again that if she bought her ticket later we would not sit together so I asked if I could buy two. The lady said no she needed the other card but there was problem processing my ticket and the manager intervened. I asked him for another unlimited ticket. He was pissed that I didn’t tell him I wanted two at first. I said I told the lady.

As the actual start time of the film came closer I went in. I did not want to miss it. I have been wanting to see this film since the it came out.

So I was in the screening nervous that I had to go out to give the ticket. Fortunately because I had not actually used an Unlimited Card to get the ticket the other person could get one herself any ticket and just sit next to me. And she did . I was worried that she would be too late to get a ticket and have “go see another film” . In the end it was not that full so we could have sat anywhere but I didn’t know that at the time.

And I though this process would be stress free.


I had been wanting to see this since it came out but for one reason or another missed it. I even booked it twice but did not end up going.

I really enjoyed the film. I was quite emotional actually. I know the actress that played Dido from Doctor Who so my ear pricked out when I first saw the trailer. She was great. I loved Dido as a child she was so cute.

I love that the hidden black history that I know nothing about is now coming out a few movies recently.

On another Princess saves the day




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