35 Walking on Sunshine

Friday 06 June 2014  – – Screen 9 -The O2 – 17:50

walking on



I still want to watch Jersy Boys but the timeing is awkward. Even Walking on Sunshine had an awkward timing.


This was like Fan fiction made real.


If you ever listen to a song and make your world into a musical with the song.


I think  I have read many an Fan fiction which was exactly like this.   Not sure if this is deliberate because it’s “80’s” .

I didn’t hate it I love a musical but we all have seen enought  Glee to know how this type of thing works. After seeing  movie musical which try and make the musical “natural”  this a tiny bit  jarring.


There is a song “Turn back Time” and as soon as the main lady started sing in the church , ala Moulin Rouge  “Come what May”  a person behind me started laughing. I don’t blame him. I held my laughter in.






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