36 . How to train your dragon 2

Saturday 28th June 2014- 16:20 the O2 – Screen 6 – Seat J11


how to

So I came in after the start time to miss ads and so on but  kiddies were in my seat. So that worked well (!) There was a whole group of them so I sat elsewhere.


It was great! It was beautful . Thought the bad guy to turned god guys voice was a distraction because the voice didn’t seem to match his character. I though it was James Cordon voicing it but now I think it was Kit Harrington.  His voice wasn’t the only one that was a  distraction.


Great adventure , Emotion, plot, even a song.

You don’t need 3D . You can do 3D with 2D.

I may watch it again…..

The seemed to some “drama” in the theatre itself people coming up and down.  Am attention was easily brough back to the film.

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