38. From Here to Eternity

  Thursday 3rd July 2015 – 19: 00 – The O2 – Screen 5   – No allocated seating






There is nothing like hearing some amazing singing.   I do love a musical. There is nothing like hearing really great singing voices.

This is one of the shows I had intended to watch on stage.  I first heard of it on the Radio when Tim Rice was on the show.

The staging was great. I have seen loads of shows and some times the staging can be very standard.  I  liked the choreography.

I was lost for sometime in the show.  They played the announcement about the bombing of Pearl Harbour and there was a conversation between  two of the main ladies about the war going on so at first I though that Pearl Harbour had happened it was not until the end that I found out that that conversation was a after the events and we flashed back.  I kinda didn’t understand the whole reason why the army wanted him to fight and/or play the bugle.

I kinda like American accent when done my people who don’t have American accents .

I usually have to hear a song more than once to  actually  know if I like it or not.  So it wasn’t until I heard : Robert Lonsdale – Fight the Fight  for the third time till I liked it.


I a tend not to like Slow mo  but on Stage I am impressed. There is part in the Fight the Fight song where there are slow mo sections that slow and speed up. Really cool to watch.   However there was a song  by Ryan Sampson  called Ryan Sampson – I Love the Army  which was only sang once (I think) and it was a great character song and I love it when characters are Ironic and have the pasted smile .   I recognised Ryan Sampson eventually and really loved his performance.


Darius Was awesome loved his performance his voice both speaking and sing voice was deep and strong.

Oh there is always a whole song : Siubhan Harrison – You Got the Money



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