39. How to train your Dragon 2 (again)

Saturday 5th July 2014 – 13:20 -J11 The O2 How To Train Your Dragon 2 Wallpapers Allocated seating in combination with other people makes it so complicated!!! I was SOOO STRESSED

I went with my mum and two sisters. My muy and me have Unlimited passes  my sisters don’t.

I finally used the free Cineworld tickets were were given. ( see previous post.)  However this meant that we had could not get the tickets in advance so we had to go to the box office.

I guess we could have ordered the two Cineworld tickets online then got the two free ones but I did not know how busy it would be and I did not want us to risk not being sat next to each other.

To add to the complexity we were all going to arrive separately so my sisters were coming after us, that would mean we would have to hope they come in time so we could give then the tickets before we went on or go in in then  come out from the cinema to give then the ticket to get in. I had missed the start of the film before so I did to want to miss it again. So my mum stayed out to wait for them .

On another note. We forced my 13 year old sister to go see it.  (just to get her out of the house) This is the same sister that watched and liked “The Wind Rises”  refused to watch this , she mainly rolled up in a ball and tried to stubbornly ignore the film.  

I still liked the film. It’s so beautiful. I still laughed at many of the jokes.

  Oh I forgot to add that in the  main area there were  people dressed as Transformers   ( I am not going to watch that)  there were also  a film crew and photographers.  

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