40. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Saturday 26 July 2014 – 14:00 – Screen 7 – J16 – Screen 7 – The O2





Gosh I haven’t been to the movies in a long time. Been a busy month but I did have the opportunity to go see films but I didn’t take them.    I have a few films on my list to see. I am going to try and bring myself to watch them before the end of the month.

Allocated seating was no problem this time round.

My seat seemed to be reupholstered  it felt new. Talking about my seat , maybe I am not used to watching movies anymore but very early on in the film my bum started to ache.  I shifted a lot while watching.

I had heard that this movie was brilliant maybe even the best movie of the year and yes it was brilliant.  I was fully engaged in the whole film.  Each scene was captivating.  Anytime and ape was on screen I was in awe.  A human on screen less so. Everyone mentions the Gary Oldman scene  it was great but I find interesting that didn’t have an actual physical photo of his family like many of us or pictures are online if it when I would not have any “recent” pictures.


The movie was filled with tension it is amazing but I may not watch the movie in full again it is so stressful.   I  was just waiting for things to go wrong.   Like the “first” film  I was so distraught at the bad stuff.   I was so emotionally involved (with the apes) . It was sweet too.   loved when there was cooperation. Maybe I am used to watching fighting so when people were killed I was more apathetic but when poor apes when to battle it  and were shot down I had a HUGE Sad Smile (what is the opposite of smile?) .


What was great was I refused to watch any trailers for this film so all the images were new to me.  On a side note when the  “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer came on I refused to look at it. I placed my fan in front of my face.  It didn’t sound as fun as the other one I had seen.


This is a great war film. This war was actually “started” by   human shooting an ape. Wars have been started for less ( I AM LOOKING AT YOU WORLD WAR I)  .



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