41. Hercules (2014) – #AllocatedSeating

Wednesday 30th July  13:15 – Screen 2 –  Row H Seat 10 (but not really)  – West India Quay







This was fun sweet film. I had not seen the trailer so I didn’t really  have any feelings towards the film. (more on the film later)


The Cinema

When I came in to screen 2 at West India  someone (who didn’t smell great) was in my seat.  I told him he was in my  seat but then  it was okay and that I would seat elsewhere.

I moved two seats down. I then feared that I was in another person’s seat . The screening had a good amount of people  but not too many. Another person came in my row,  I fear that I may have been sitting in his seat but he did not say anything.   Side Note  My mum watched the film the previous day and said someone was in her seat and she was pissed.


I was happy about Allocated seating but   there always seems to be an issue (see previous post).   I always try and come in after the ads are done  and usually I am alone so I can just slip in and sit anywhere.   So that was not a problem however if there is allocated seats I want to sit in my seat I took time (a small amount) to pick it so I wanna sit there.

What was quite gross was the floor was really sticky.  I wanted to move but I felt pressure to stay. Next time I will wait till  the movie is about to start and move but like in this and the next film I saw (Guardians of the Galaxy more of that in my next post)   People come in with their mobile light to find their seat  20 mins into the movie. It takes you out of the movie.



Movie :

With all that I still had a great time watching the film. It was sweet and fun.  I am familiar with Hercules and I love the magical aspect of myths. Hercules one of the first superheroes.   Many Greek stories don’t depict them as “magical” so I was happy to see that this Hercules was of the Myth. Alas that was not the case. The Legend was just exaggerated stories.  I should have been disappointed but  the twist in the story was a great hook for me.


I like to think of “The Dark Knight Trilogy”  as the “True Story”   and the “comics” as the stories people  twist and change through chinese whispers.   Same goes for “Smallville”.


With Hercules I was half expecting “magic” to turn out to  be real.   I even thought that after Hercules finished his final Labour that he would turn into a god.  I like that he did become immortal  in terms of his fame instead of becoming immortal.  I guess you could still argue that he was a god. I guess the Moral was you don’t have to be predestined to be “something” you make your own legend.


This film was my bag.  I loved Amazon and The Nicole Kidman Lookalike  Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was great . I really liked her.  She  is a fave.   I know Rebecca Ferguson from playing another queen so  that role seemed to fit. I loved her  reaction during her exclusion.  People rave abut Dwayne in general . My sister had not interested in the film until she heard that he was in it.   I really liked him in it.  I would like to see the film again. 



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