42 Guardians of the Galaxy

Thursday 31st March 12:15 Screen 1 Row G Seat 12 -The O2


Came in . Allocated seating worked well today. I think it works better when it is busy and people seat in their actual seats. Though people came in pretty late and shined their Mobile lights  to find their seats. It was quite distracting. For some reason I was distracted by the person sitting to my right. I kept noticing him . Saying that may have been one of the reasons why I was ill at ease watching the film that and being sat very close to strangers.

So the film was good yet the beggining few scenes felt off -beat to me. It might have been the throwback back to the 70’s-80’s but it felt old fashioned at the start. It took a while to get into the movie. It was relevant later but when we saw the scenes of young Peter it seemed weird. I though that it was irrelevant  but the movie at the end made essential.  It might have felt weird because  of how cut off Peter seemed. I assumed it was the grief. Then there was whole bunch of scenes that I can’t remember what happened but it felt like and 80’s fantasy/Sci-Fi film.

I think it wasn’t until I saw Rocket and Groot that I started getting into it. I think I will have to see it again when I am feeling less odd.

I liked Zoe Saldana’s Performance as Gamora. I wasn’t really expecting much from her but I know her really well from Star Trek and Rosemary’s Baby so I was please that she was was very different from that. Some actors can only play things one way. I love Zoe.  I thought Karen Gillan as Nebula was cool. I liked how she played it.

I don’t know how I feel about Peter he had funny part but he was more goofy then cool ,which I guess was the point. I kinda did not like the potential “romance” between Peter and Gamora. Maybe a bit too cliche for me.

I love Groot he was so lovely. Drax was sweet too. I loved when Rocket was so devastated that Groot was exploded.

People say that this is like Star Wars … and it is but I see it more closer to the Star Trek 2009 experience but less plotted.

Anyway this film is worth a watch. Even before I watched it I knew I was going to watch this 2 or 3 more times. So will do a post for the re-watch.



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