43. Guardians of the Galaxy – again

Saturday 2nd August 2014 – 16:40 – Screen 7 – Row K Seat 20 – The O2





The Screening Room:

Saw it again, this time with my mum. When I booked it online about 2 hours before the screening most of the seats were taken. The seats I picked were still great but most place would have been good. I was glad to be able to pre-book my seat online. I HATE that the counter sell food and tickets and now people have to pick seats. Thankfully I can Book EE/Orange Wednesday online now.

Two rows in front of us about 4 people had to move because they were in the wrong seat. I don’t know if it was just a mistake or they did it deliberately. They, moved behind us. Also the couple next to use was in the wrong seat and they movie a few seat to our right.

The steward was at the entrance but all she did was welcome people. When she could have helped she looked like she wanted to help then probably felt awkward and Couldn’t/didn’t assistant.

After the movie we went down a floor for the toilets since they are less busy at the end of film.


The Movie

My experience of the movie was more fun this time round (See previous for last time ) . I was more relaxed and I knew what was coming.

I think even if the film was rubbish I would have waited till the end to see the Pre – credit stinger ( BAby Groot).

Last time I didn’t wait for the post credit scene . I had places to go and I could not be bothered but this time I did wait to see it. . Most of the people in the screening also waited till the end. I had heard what was in it so I knew that to expect. I was looking forward to seeing Howard the Duck. Maybe it was me but the credits did not seem to go on and on for this movie.

Watching the second time I followed the movie more in terms of the actual plot and motivations of the villain and the orb. The orb in the film was more of the MacGuffin and Really I think the plot is not important to me. I love a good plot in terms of the structure for the first time  but in terms of rewatch I Don’t care about the mysteries in general.

I think the prison section was the best section for me. Here they all interacted and got to work together for the first time.

I think I love Groot more and more now and Draxx is a solid laugh all the time.


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