45. The Expendables 3

Friday 15th August 2014 12:10 – Screen 2 Row K  Seat 15 & 16


Not seen a movie in a while. Most of the films I had seen already. Looking  at the releases now  I see a few I want to go see next.  I did plan to watch more but those plans fell through.

Saw the Doctor Who trailer but I will sadly not be going to see it. I  doubt there will be an encore but I hope there will be.  It looks amazing on screen.


Someone was in our seat. We said it was ours and the lady moved a row in front.

The people behind us smelled of BO but I didn’t really notice until it was pointed out to me and then it  faded anyway.

I was fidgeting throughout the film  and cold a bit cold later.


I didn’t realised I missed Wesley Snipes till he was back and I was never a big fan for his, not that I didn’t like him but he was always on the edge of my radar.

I loved Antonio Banderas though I hear he was annoying to some. He made us laugh out loud a few times.

I love  the concept of Expendables but the thing is it really is a  Sylvester Stallone movie and I never was  a Sly fan I was more And Arnold Fan. I would watch him in anything. I don’t think I have ever watched a Statham so it suck that both Sly and Stath are the “leads”

All in all it was a cute film.

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