47. What if

Saturday 30th August 2014 11:30 – Screen 10 Row J Seat 12
I had been out of the country so have missed some films that I wanted to see. Boo.
I think the only “Romantic Comedy ”  I had seen in awhile is “The Fault in Our Stars” if you can even call it that.  Does I count “Walking on Sunshine”?  (not funny enough to be a comedy?)
I have been hearing that “What if?” is a good little film.   I really liked it I Laugh out loud a few times.  I like the performance from most. Daniel was great.
I did not realise that the film was set in Canada even though they established that early on .
I now want to watch a few more Romantic Comedies.
When I can in there was no one to check if I had a ticket.  I guess it was relatively early.

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