48. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 -17:15- WIQ -Screen 2 – J11 




Went to get my ticket and when I went to collect it from the machine (as I always do) the Ticket got stuck. So had to wait for the guy to come open it. Glad I had seen the movie or I would have been panicked.

The seat number was not on the ticket but that was okay because I had the seat number on my mobile.

I let the person I was with go ahead but because it was so dark she could not see the seat number/row so she waited outside for me. (I just turned on my light on my mobile)

 In the O2 the Row numbers are illuminated so at least you can see it when the lights are down. IT IS SO DARK SO AT WIQ!

I re-watched it so reason I will keep to myself. I did not watch the whole thing because wanted to watch Lucy which overlapped with Guardians.

I was constantly checking my watch to check the time. I left Guardians when they were showing up the plan for the final act.

Next movie Lucy


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