57. Nightcrawler

Friday 31st October 2014 – 15:40 – Screen 4 Row M Seat 19 – West India Quay








When I collected my ticket from the ATM I went to the escalator it seemed they were short of staff (or someone had to cover) because I had to show my tickets there and when I reached the screen there was no one there to look at my ticket,

Before the film ended the lights turned on.


This was such a great film.  There has been a great buzz about this film for a while and people have been raving about Jake.   People say that you could see the actor any more and he has such a transformation but I know the name Jake Gyllenhaal but I don’t really know him. I have seen him in Donnie Darko but Didn’t really remember him . So all I really saw was this obsessive  guy.  I had been seeing the trailer in front of a few films and really it was the trailer that really sold me to go see it.


I like how the Rene  Russo character was a reflection of  Louis (Jake) . On my favorite thing to see is when people have the fixed/fake smile or people that are really chipper, “The Brady Bunch Movie” or Glinda in “Wicked” when she is putting it on for the crowd or “Chicago” in “They Both reached for the gun”. Well this movie had a lot of that.


This film was such fun. I encouraged  many people to go see it.



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