Date: Thursday 6th November at 16:20

Cinema: London – West India Quay, Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, London, E14 4AL

Seat(s): Standard Seating N16

turner big-2026

Came in and asked a woman to move a bag from my seat as it turns out the whole row to my left was empty but  I didn’t move seats. I was a tad  uncomfortable all the way through because of that.  I had tried to pick a seat away from people but  they sat next to me.

I was quite sleepy in the first part. I tired hard not to nod off.  I did do better than the man  a few row back who snored through part of the film.  It was a struggle to keep awake.  I thought it would be compelling because I heard whispers that Spall’s performance was Oscar worthy.

If this wasn’t and Art film then I don’t what is.   I know only tiny amount of Turner’s work so I don’t think I picked up all the “ah Chubby” moments.   I had difficulty following the jumps in time. Not sure I followed everything.   I knew of his eyesight but I am nor sure If I would have know that my watching the film.  As a biopic I am nor sure if I really understood the man. I just know paint was in his blood and he could not stop.

As I have come to expect now it is hard to get comfy in my seat.  They are so un-comfy to sit in now .  Not sure if it has become old or they replaced them with crap chairs so you go pay for Star seating.

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