63. Get on up

Friday 21st November at 17:00  West India Quay , Screen 7 Seat:  E10

get on up

The main reason why  I wanted to see this was because I heard the performance was great.  I agree.

When booking the seat I decided to seat closer to the screen. I tend to avoid that but decided to do it this time, I quite like it.  Seats uncomfortable  once again though . I think someone was sitting in the wrong seat but the person moved to my row.

Part way through the movie the lights turned on. This was rather distracting. I did not go out to tell anyone because I did not want to miss the movie.   I think someone went out to tell some one.

The movie had high energy great acting and musical  performances . I don’t know much about James so I think I may have missed some references. I didn’t know that James would be breaking the forth wall. It was great. I am not the first person to compare this to “Jersey Boys”   so I won’t mention that.  I like that it what slightly poetic.


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