64. The Imitation Game

Thursday 27th November 2014 15:30 – Screen 5  Row H Seat 17 – West India Quay 

So the lights were on even when the movie started.  Opps

When the lights were on during the trailer I hopped that it would be turned off before the start of the film.  This is the second time in a row where the lights did not do what they were supposed to.  I know that it is pitch black and you can’t find your seats and I know I wished there was a bit more light but that was ridiculous.


I liked it.

Maybe I watch too many Numberphile Videos but the one thing that could have made The Imitation Game better for me was if there was more maths.

I was afraid I would not love Cumberbatch as  much but I really like him here.  I used to avoid watching Keira Knightley but I really liked her in this, I also love Matthew Goode so it was great to see him in this too.

The thing with “true Stories”  it always begs the question “how much of this was accurate?” .  I knew the general stuff like letting targets be destroyed to keep a secret but I was not sure how much of the Joan /Alan stuff was real.  I hope it was , it would be so sweet if it was.

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