66. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Thursday 4th December 2014 –  20:15  – Screen 2 Row E Seat 15 – West India Quay


After watching Interstellar I have been wanting to see 2001. I kept hearing that 2001 was a huge influence on Interstellar . I thought it would make a great Double Bill.    As soon as I found out it was on I booked it.

This however made it difficult when “Blade Runner” was out soon after.  I can only book two tickets at one time. So I had to wait till it came closer to the time to book the other ticket since I wanted to watch others in between.  I was not sure about the limit at first I tried to contact CIneworld but I got no reply. If I had some feedback for Cineworld I would add these find of screens as an “even” like Live showing  or other types that are except from the 2 booking rule.

I ended up arriving pretty early. I was not sure  how many adverts there would be or if it would just start at the advertised time. Man I wish I had come later.  There was not music playing and I felt quite awkward.

The numbers for the seats are on the arm rest so you have two numbers on each seat  I was confused and sat one seat further then I should.  I was so unsure I doubled check after a while and moved. However this was after some guys sat next to me . They had to move later when other people arrived . Sorry.

When the notice for trailer saying that ” the trailers following would have the same certificate as the movie”  no trailer came after. 2001 is a U and I guess there are no more U movies coming out.

The music was loud which was amazing.  I have seen most of 2001 before but never all the way through. I had seen the start , many of the major section, even an analysis of the movie but never the whole thing.

I won’t lie it was a difficult keeping my eyes open at all the  talking scenes . MY eyeball were drying out. Fortunately a surprise (to me) Interval  came on so I rushed to the toilet and put some eyedrops in. This was a great opportunity to wake up and  stand up,  once again the seats gave me bum ache.

It was a great experience I am glad I got to see  it on the big screen .  I loved the scale and when there was music it was amazing.   What I found interesting was the movie liked to show how this “future world ” worked.  I know this has other messages about the state of mans revolutions “right now” in space  but it was like when movies  want o show how the future might be and impress us with its advances.

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