70 Annie

Monday 29 December 2014 11:50am – Screen 9 Row H Seat 11 – The O2 





I had planned to watch this yesterday but I missed the first screening and If I have the option I Try to avoid later screenings.

I tried to use the QR code on my phone to collect the ticket  but the ATM did not accept it.

There was no one to check my ticket on the second floor again. This happens a lot during off peak time.  I did see to two at least two staff members on the first level.

I was glad that I missed the ads.  It seemed for a while there that I have been early and had to wait 20 to 30mins for the movie to start.

The Screen was not full but had a decent amount. I think a person in front had never seen Annie because she seemed surprised at some of the plot points.

All the reviews I watched said this movie was one of the worst but as a soon as there is a musical number in anything I can forgive it anything.


I do like a re-telling.I am always interested to see how things are adapted. Sure it was a bit too “it’s a movie”.  I liked some of the changes in the songs even though I adorn the original music.  I wanted to hear how the would do “We got Annie” but they did not use that song.  I love the actress who played Annie she was cool.


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