1 Mr. Holmes

Friday 19th June at 17:40 – Screen 10 Row G Seat 10 – The O2




I got a scoop of  Jamocha almond fudge at Bakin Robins.  . I used my Black Card was unsure if it would work because if the possible transition.   Cost me £ 1.99. I went upstairs and ate it before I got into the screen.  The movie start time was at 17:40 but ate the ice cream  waited till 17:50 before I got it.   The flavour did not seem to be as good as last time.  There was a person at the top if the escalators checking tickets instead of the “doors” , so I did not have my card ready.

The movie was in screen 10 and when I went to look for by Row I could not see the letters, So I went to the other side where I was surprised to see the letters were lit up. I saw a few others struggle. I like that they are not varying the Cineworld adverts now.

I really liked the movie. I felt strange, I felt like I had watched this story before.  ( I think I might have heard that synopsis when the novel came out)  I found it interesting that there was movie version of Holmes in the movie itself.   McKellen looked so frail that I actually kept believing he was that old and that fragile even when I saw the sharp Mr Holmes in flashback. It was so cool seeing Holmes in his “prime”


The boy Roger  was an amazing performance also.   He didn’t do the child performer thing. If he were playing an older guy I would have believed that.


I loved the construction of the movie.  Like a good detective story all the pieces were in place to create to create the intricate puzzle.  A puzzle I did not know we were doing.   I suppose I should expected that when you have the ultimate detective.




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